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Papa Cun Cun

Papa Cun Cun

Video format mp4 / Duration 2:17 min / 89,6 MB

Instruments: Conga / Timbal / Bell / Guiro

Performed by:

@lesstergozador (Conga)

@fabianreyesoficial (Timbal)

@jose_miguel0998 (Bell)

@rolandosalgadopalacio (Guiro)




The Papa Cun Cun rhythm was created by Evaristo Aparicio “El Picaro”, founder of the Papa Cun Cun group, in the 70s. He was one of the great composers who contributed the most to the genre of folklore and rumba.


Rolando uses an adaptation in a single timbal, since in groups they are usually used with an added set drum.

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