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Video format mp4 / Duration 7:38 min / 303,6 MB

Instruments: Conga / Timbal / Guiro / Bell / Maraca

Performed by:

@rolandosalgadopalacio (Conga)

@jose_miguel0998 (Timbal & Guiro)

@lesstergozador (Bell & Bamboo cane)

@fabianreyesoficial (Maraca)

Yoel Mayor (Guiro)




The Rumbavana group was founded in 1955, by the director Ricardo Ferro. With the values of the Cuban ensembles of the decade of the 40s.

Two genres are studied; Bachata and Guaracha.

In the Bachata genre, the way to perform the bongo with a bell and a bamboo cane is studied.

The guiro plays the rhythm of the Cha cha cha and the maracas the melody of the Son Montuno.


In the Guaracha style, the timbal and a bell are added. The maracas change the melody of the Son Montuno for that of the Guaracha.

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