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Reyes 73

Reyes 73

Video format mp4 / Duration 1:43 min / 67,6 MB

Instruments: Conga / Timbal / Guiro / Maraca

Performed by:

@rolandosalgadopalacio (Conga)

@jose_miguel0998 (Timbal)

@lesstergozador (Guiro)

@fabianreyesoficial (Maraca)




Los Reyes 73 was a group that stood out in its time for differentiating itself from other groups, where they did not have full recognition for mixing Cuban rhythms with North Americans.

Founded by drummer Santiago Reyes in the 60s. One of its singers was José Valladares, also emblematic figures such as Ricardo Eddy Martínez and Miguel Ángel Rasalps “El Lele”, who had been the star singer of Los Van Van.


The beautiful melody that this rhythm has is performed. The shekere played in those times is replaced by maracas.

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