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Video format mp4 / Duration 8:20 min / 331,2 MB

Instruments: Conga / Timbal / Bongo / Bell / Guiro

Performed by:

Special guest; Mandy Show (Conga)

@rolandosalgadopalacio (Conga & Bongo)

@jose_miguel0998 (Timbal)

@fabianreyesoficial (Bell)

@lesstergozador (Guiro)




It is a party for the fun of the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, in which various types of percussion instruments are played. Here the Habanero style is performed.


Mandy Show explains the secret of the bell in the Bembé and the rhythm of 12/8, the particular movements that it performs when playing the high conga are also perceived.


To enrich it a bit more, some Timba structures are added on the timbal, some bells and Rolando fuses it with melodies from the Changüí on the bongo.

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