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Video format mp4 / Duration 6:27 min / 256,5 MB

Instruments: Conga / Timbal / Bongo / Bell / Maraca

Performed by:

@rolandosalgadopalacio (Conga)

@fabianreyesoficial (Bongo & Bell)

@lesstergozador (Bongo & Maraca)

@jose_miguel0998 (Timbal)




These rhythms emerged from the year 1800 in Havana and Matanzas, with rhythms like; Abakuá, Bembé 3 Shekeres, Toque de Guiro, Obaloge, Ñongo, Eleguá, Iyesá...


Four structures are studied, one of them by Jorge Alfonso "El Niño", with some batá drums melodies with congas performed, since in Cuban groups it is not usual to play 12/8 with batá drums.

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